Come Sailing
Sometimes learning happens only when its expected,  as in the spring  sailing classes taught by our experienced and knowledgeable boat Captains, or during the hands-on sail training given aboard the WoodyGuthrie. There is another kind of learning that happens at the Beacon Sloop Club, and that is the ongoing challenge of educating ourselves and the public about the environment and the Hudson River we are determined to protect.
Each month, the Sloop Club general meeting offers opportunities for guest speakers on a wide range of topics, some environmental, some cultural, political, social or artistic.  Our riverfront festivals have featured displays, tables, interactive demonstrations and performances by other groups, as well as the Beacon Sloop Club. We are a natural public platform for delivering  points of view often overlooked by corporate media. We also understand that saving our glorious Hudson River will take more than just science alone- social and cultural issues are also driving forces in the health of our environment.
Not to be ignored is the large collection of current environmental publications kept at the Browse and  Borrow magazine rack. We encourage members and guests to peruse the  wide variety of good ideas to be found there.
Best of all, education happens when we least expect it - those good times enjoying the music at a festival, sailing on the river, joining with others to change the world a little at a time. That is the best best education of all.
The Beacon Sloop Club
Protecting the Hudson through
environmental advocacy.